Our current state-of-art jamming technology (ALQ-99) is pretty primitive and unreliable.  In the future we will have man-portable jammers pre-programmed with stop-bands in the friendly communications frequencies that can be selectively engaged or disengaged depending on the tactical situation.  These jammers will be able to detect both frequency and location of nearby electromagnetic emitters using selectively passive/active SAR as it moves through the environment.  The jammer will intelligently and selectively adapt to the surrounding electromagnetic spectrum to jam frequencies that are potentially hostile, as well as serve as an autonomous fire control for coordinating indirect fire against confirmed threats in real-time.  Pre-determined hostile frequencies can be subjected to focused directional jamming at increased power levels.  The jammer will simultaneously provide intelligence on the surrounding tactical electromagnetic environment and an intelligent adaptive countermeasure against it.  The jammer will also have a spoofing capability, able to spoof cell phone towers, wifi, etc.