Workshop – How To Play

How to play: Imaginarium | Battlespace | Workshop

The Workshop is where players create an “Idea” in order to analyse a Spark or Challenge with much more granularity than the other phases of gameplay.

This space for critical thinking is meant to help develop Ideas into something — be it a product, process, or strategy — that could be operational in 2040.

Workshop Main Page:

  • All user-submitted Ideas are displayed in a sort-able listĀ on the main page.
    • Each Idea’s community rating (see below) is listed
    • Number of Comments is listed.
    • The origin of the Idea is listed. Ideas can come from Sparks or from Challenges, and can be made from scratch using the “Eureka!” Button right here on the Workshop Main Page.
  • The Eureka Button on this page allows players to create an Idea that is not derived from any particular Spark or Challenge.

If you would prefer to develop or comment on another Idea rather than making your own, simply click it to view that Idea’s Page.


Idea Page:

There are three ways to interact with an Idea:

  1. User Ratings: any user can rate any idea on a 1-0 scale in three criteria: Utility, Technical Feasibility, and Novelty.
    • Simply click the square that correlates to the score out of 10 that you would like to give that Idea for each criteria.
    • Note that the Overall Rating at the top is not interactive like the three ratings are. This is meant to display the average overall rating that this Idea has gotten fromĀ all users.
  2. Answering questions about the Application, Viability, and possible Unintended Consequences of the Idea.
    • Click each respective tab to see its related question, and answer in the answer box text field below.
    • All user answers will be listed below the answer box. You can upvote any individual answer that you think makes a solid point.
  3. Comment on the idea itself: you can comment on the Idea directly on the left, under the text of the Idea.

How to play: Imaginarium | Battlespace | Workshop