Seemingly straight out of innumerable science fiction stories comes a very real conecpt of humans linking thoughts telepathically.

In the linked article, interviewed three neuroscience experts, and their consensus is that linking minds is plausible, and existing technology simply needs to be refined and expanded. I personally feel like this ‘neural mesh’ developed by Harvard scientists could be one of the stepping stones that could make this sort of tech plausible.

Looking toward the future, squads of soldiers seem like an obvious frontrunner for groups of people who could greatly benefit from a telepathic connection… Both within the squad, and perhaps with command or their whole platoon as well.

While this seems highly unlikely to be in use (as described) as early as 2040, it is reasonable to assume that some strides will have been made. Perhaps not complete brain-to-brain telepathy per se…. But perhaps soldiers will be able to telepathically control the robots that haul their gear or a drone or turret gun by then.