Societies around the globe continue to bifurcate creating deep divisions between the wealthy and the poor, the religious and the non-religious, the technologically advantaged and disadvantaged, the educated and uneducated, and the informed and uninformed. A global caste system evolves. The advantaged mannipulate the disadvantaged to maintain and enhance their advantage. Information and mis-information are the primary weapons. A tipping point is crossed, and a positive feed-back loop is initiated that entrenches this reality globally. Conflicts are manufactured to support private objectives. Slow-to-adapt Governments become second-string players to agglomerated and allied private interests. Conflict has no border, and takes place simultaneously across multiple rapidly changing domains (geographic, informational, economic). Physical violence seems almost tame and quaint in comparison to the new forms of mass violence (economic warfare, information warfare, identity warfare) that emerge as the most harmful to society, the family, and the individual. Society erodes, and only allegiances to ideals remain. Governments collapse and become irrelevant because they are ineffective, slow-to-adapt, and eroded by special interest factions from within.

Is this a possible future resulting from our current trajectory? Is the only way to avoid this future scenario to ensure that governments are honest brokers of information, that regulation is used to curb manipulation of information for personal gain? What other steps can governments take today to avoid this scenario playing out as described? What is the role of the military?