Your personality is captured by electronic observations of your personal habits, captured over time.  A system identification algorithm is run to derive your personalty’s transfer function.  A basic model of your self is captured.   The model is uploaded to a neuromorphic computer, capable of learning, and connected to an intranet.  It is then vetted and tested against the real you using an interactive neural interface and tuned until it is an exact representation of your personality.  It is then connected to the network, and granted access to an immense database of foreign languages, statistics, and cultural information.

Your autonomous avatar agent is born.  It represents you in business meetings, it makes and tests hypotheses, it runs and reruns simulated scenarios over an over again at THz speeds until a desired outcome is reached, it negotiates treaties, it trains other agents (real or avatar).  It is the virtual you, your intent, your will, under your control, but unhindered by the limitations of your human memory, your speed, or your comprehension.

What if you found out someone else already had one?  Would you want one too?  And what if you discovered that your adversary was already developing and testing one…?