Imaginarium – How To Play

How to play: Imaginarium | Battlespace | Workshop

The Imaginarium is a collection of very brief player-created “sparks”.

Sparks are basic ideas about future trends, technologies, capabilities, problems, or concepts that would be relevant for our military to utilize, interact with, or defend against in 2040.

Imaginarium Main Page

  • Three Spark Catalysts are listed in the top banner; these are meant to kickstart your creativity when creating new Sparks. Clicking the Create Spark Button for any Spark Catalyst will simply pre-select that topic for you as you are automatically taken to the Create a New Spark Page.
    • Dystopia: Hollywood and science fiction is full of terrifying dystopian futures. What do you think that might look like, and what technologies will be available and pervasive? What does your scary 2040 look like?
    • Utopia: Some think that technology can help solve problems faced by individuals and society. What kind of solutions would we have, and what will an idealized 2040 look like?
    • Visions of the Future: Without regard to good or bad, what sorts of things might we see in the future, and how would they impact our lives?
  • Add New Spark Button: If you prefer to add a Spark that is not relevant to any of the three Missions, just click this button. You will be taken to the Create a New Spark Page, and you can leave the missions unchecked if you prefer to submit a Mission-agnostic Spark.
  • List of All Sparks: All user-created Sparks are listed in a sort-able list.
    • Number of upvotes for each Spark is displayed
    • Number of comments for each Spark is displayed.
  • Latest News displays a rotating list of recent updates to Scenarios, Challenges, Sparks, Ideas, etc.
  • Latest Comments are also listed as a shortcut to topics that your fellow players are currently focusing on.


Spark Page:

  • A title and short description are all that is required for a Spark, but images, videos, tand links to reference articles/material can easily be added as well.
  • Sparks can be commented on and voted up, but the focus is to keep the content light in this phase, because the meat of the discourse on each Spark is handled in Phase II.
  • When you want to develop a spark more thoroughly, click the “Eureka!” Button on a completed Spark. This will take you to the Workshop where you can continue to develop the Spark into a more fully realized “Idea”.

How to play: Imaginarium | Battlespace | Workshop