How to Play


The object of this exercise is to identify the challenges facing our military in 2040 and discuss the operational viability and relevance of possible technologies/capabilities.. Read more about the project here.

Gameplay in a nutshell:

Players cooperate to define, develop, and understand challenges and capabilities/ideas across three phases of gameplay:

  • Imaginarium: Players can start by defining short and simple ‘Sparks’ that outline the basis for a future trend, technology, or  capability that the military might utilize, interact with, or defend against in 2040. (detailed How to Play for Imaginarium)
  • Battlespace: Three different future scenarios are presented and players are invited to tease out the challenges that will be faced, both by military and civilian alike. The goal is to try and identify issues that might not immediately come to mind given the circumstances. (detailed How to Play for Battlespace)
  • Workshop: If certain Sparks or Battlespace challenges have given you an idea, post it here and/or dig deeper into the applications an implications of the capability. (detailed How to Play for Workshop)

Between the game-driven daily updates to these ongoing Scenario narratives and user-driven Spark, Idea, and Challenge content, the goal is to come up with the unexpected, perform critical analysis on ideas, and discuss the possibilities.

Getting Started

Create a Profile:

While you are free to peruse the entire site without logging in, we encourage participation! Registration is short and sweet and can be done here: Register Now!

The Top Bar:

The bar at the top of your screen will be present everywhere on the game site. These links are your shortcuts for navigation, allowing you to get to anywhere from anywhere in the game with just a click.

  • The How To Play link brings you right here — to the How to Play page.T
  • The Home Icon takes you to the Home Screen.
  • The color-coded Imaginarium, Workshop, and Battlespace links take you to the home pages of the three respective phases of gameplay.
  • The Speedometer Icon takes you to your User Dashboard.
  • The Profile Icon takes you to your Profile Page.
  • Clicking Logout will log you out, but you can still peruse the page as much as you would like… You will need to sign back in to contribute further content.
  • The Score displayed is your own User Score. Click on your score to go to the Leaderboard Page.
  • The lightning bolt, light bulb, and reticle icons on the right display how many Sparks, Ideas, and Challenges you have submitted, respectively. Clicking them will take you to the Posts Tab of your User Dashboard.
  • The grey Latest Activity ticker at the very top will always keep you informed regarding recent gameplay developments.
  • Click the All Latest Activity link on the right side of the Latest Activity ticker to go to the full Activity Feed on your User Dashboard.

Your User Dashboard:

Once you have created an account and have logged in for the first time, we invite you to take a quick look at your User Dashboard, which is most accessible via the aforementioned Speedometer icon on your Top Bar. When you get to your Dashboard, simply click through the five tabs to navigate through the five pages. There will not be much content there when you start out, but these pages will fill up as you play.


Dashboard Tab: shows recent, pertinent info:

  • Activity from you and Users you follow
  • Your recent Badges earned
  • Users you follow
  • Your recent contributions
  • Posts that you have followed recently

Posts Tab: Displays all the Imaginarium Sparks, Workshop Ideas, and Battlespace Challenges that you have contributed.

Badges Tab: Shows all badges. Badges you have earned are colorized, and badges you have yet to earn are grayed out.

Edit Profile Tab: Houses all of your player information. (See the Anonymity section above for a reminder of what info is shown to others and what  info is kept private.)

How To Play Tab: Links back to this page that you are reading right now, so a screenshot is not necessary!


Players compete for top scores, badges and for the recognition of having the top peer-rated Sparks, Challenges, and Ideas.

Click here to view the Player Leaderboard.

Players earn points for the following actions:

  • Add spark : 15 points
  • Add challenge: 15 points
  • Add idea: 25 points
  • Add comment: 10 points
  • Other users upvoting your post: 5 per rating (points are not awarded for rating a post)

There are also real-world results at the end of the exercise: the most intriguing ideas will be part of the report that is sent to the office of the DASA(R&T).

Reminder to maintain decorum: Game Moderators will monitor all content for propriety — and will edit or delete anything deemed offensive if necessary. Please be respectful to your fellow players, and remember — we are all working together!


Personal information that you submit when you create your account — including your real name, contact information, and password — are stored securely by the Sci Tech Futures team and are not shared with anyone.

Other information — including Username and optional Biographical Info and Affiliation — IS shared with other users on your User Profile Page. Please use discretion and refrain from including sensitive information in these fields. You can always edit this info on your Edit Profile Page.

Players can browse the site anonymously, but must create accounts and log in if they want to contribute any content to the game. Anonymous players can see your username on your posts and comments  — but they cannot see your Biographical Info or Affiliation, since they must log in to see your Player Profile.

You are free to jump around and interact with any section in any order, but there are three different sections/phases: