Taebong’s Use of Phased Misinformation Campaign Confuses and Destabilizes Political Will

Posted in response to: Day 3 of Taebong Invasion of Silla

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Beginning precisely 72 hours post-invasion, Taebong surprises the U.S. with an all-out mis-information campaign aimed at confusing the American public and destabilizing the political will to respond fully or effectively in a timely manner. ┬áThe campaign, comprising the mass-mobilization of previously unknown bot-nets combined with carefully compiled dossiers on most U.S. citizens creates mass confusion among the populace as cleverly fabricated electronic communications seemingly from friends, relatives, and colleagues taking strongly pro-Taebong stances and planted news stories in the domestic and international press are closely followed by general alarm as millions of simultaneous fraudulent financial transactions shut down the nation’s electronic purchase systems. ┬áThe final phase of the attack that removes all remaining ability to focus on the rapidly evolving international situation occurs when a powerful jamming signal located in geosynchronous orbit overwhelms the national GPS navigation system, and all autonomous self-driving vehicles are rendered inoperable causing the daily function of the economy to grind to a stand-still.

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In response to...

Day 3 of Taebong Invasion of Silla
US Joint Forces help defend longtime ally Silla in defense of the homeland as neighboring Taebong invades by land and air

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