Taebong use of 21’st century weaponry.

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It turns out that the Taebong have been even more innovative than we thought. Not only are they hacking into our communications networks, they can evensubvert the intra-vehicle networks in our armored vehicles, interrupting IFF systems, confusing sensors, and disrupting communications. Turns out that we paid insufficient attention to securing these systems, and had relied on electronics manufactured and packaged overseas, allowing the Taedong (who don’t manufacture IC’s per se but package many of the integrated circuits used by U.S. electronic companies) to insert “hitchhiker” payloads).

In addition, the Taedong have unexpectedly fielded a number of advanced laser defense systems – possibly based on or purchased directly from Russia. While no aircraft have yet been brought down, the U.S. and Silla have been losing a large number of reconnaissance drones. These systems could pose a definite threat to U.S. aircraft, missiles, and even satellites.


  • garycoleman757 4 years ago:

    “Laser-resistant” armor may need to be a desired capability. Where as traditionally layers of material (Steel/AL/ceramics) were used to armor against kinetic projectiles, those may not be effective against high powered lasers.


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Day 3 of Taebong Invasion of Silla
US Joint Forces help defend longtime ally Silla in defense of the homeland as neighboring Taebong invades by land and air

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