Taebong attacks against the U.S.

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Presumably, the Taebong  knew that U.S. forces would be assisting Silla in this battle, so a question that needs to be added to the scenario is: what actions has the Taebong military already taken against the U.S.? Such actions would probably lie primarily in the propaganda and political lines such as

  • launching a news offensive to convince the American people that the Sillanese are the aggressors
  • paying off U.S. politicians to oppose the war
  • making donations to various U.S. humanitarian causes in order to convince U.S. celebrities to make public statements supporting the Taebong cause (e.g. “Hanoi Jane”).
  • threatening to disrupt U.S. trade and fuel supplies if we do not cease our support for Silla.
  • disrupting U.S. trade and fuel supplies in a way that could not be easily traced back to them. If tankers or freighters start mysteriously sinking just before making port in the U.S., who’s to say what nation’s submarines might be responsible?

Then, as posited by Brad Thor in his recent thriller “Act of War” Taebong could take direct action against the U.S. homeland in the form of EMP or terrorist attacks (e.g. taking down the electrical grid) and blame it on Middle Eastern terrorists or some other third party. They could even covertly make nuclear or biological weapons available to other nations hostile to the U.S. with the understanding that they could never be traced back to Taebong.

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Day 3 of Taebong Invasion of Silla
US Joint Forces help defend longtime ally Silla in defense of the homeland as neighboring Taebong invades by land and air

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