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Detailed media coverage of events, precise tracking of soldiers (for situational awareness), soldier mounted video feeds and persistant & Persuasive ISTAR will provide senior leaders unprecedented information on the actions and decisions made by their juniors. This is likely to result in top down direction (orders) that will remove junior leader’s initative and creative decision┬ámaking.

Effectively the ‘war’ will be fought remotely devoid of direct feedback from the boots on the ground,



  • pblase 3 years ago:

    I’ll add another comment to this effect elsewhere, but if Silla knows that they’re going to be facing the U.S. presumably they actually started by attacking our forces in the U.S. press, trying to degrade their effectiveness through political propaganda, as was done in the Vietnam war. We won on the battlefield every time, but ultimately lost due to the press and political inability to withstand public opinion.

  • Topologist 3 years ago:

    The Army operational concept still emphasizes a distributed C3I system that allows for decision making at all levels of the hierarchy, down to the squad. If the General Staff are going to try to micromanage this war, then we will lose it. They must allow officers (and NCOs, as appropriate) on the ground to command their units.


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Day 3 of Taebong Invasion of Silla
US Joint Forces help defend longtime ally Silla in defense of the homeland as neighboring Taebong invades by land and air

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