persistent water and pollutants will incubate hybrid and resistant disease strains

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While the usual suspects will pop up during flooding (typhoid, cholera, hepatitis), the persistent flooding combined with other pollutants and conditions may lead to profoundly resistant strains of these and possible other hybrid diseases. Dense population, terrible hygiene, and now drug resistant strains will lead to medical services being totally overwhelmed, and likely mass population die-offs.


  • T4968 3 years ago:

    If a populace is physically and emotionally challenged, then the potential for conflict rises. People flooding out of an area create a global rise in disease vectors. Imagine the Syrian populace shift of recent months.

    If 1% were infected with an Ebola variant as they spread across Europe and the globe, how would we treat them? We would actively block their movements creating an even worse issue. Your looking at 100K+ people with a complex disease and millions of people around them hiding the challenge.


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UN Assisting Flood-Ravaged Setuba
As torrential rains continued to pour onto the already-flooded streets of this West African megacity, advance elements of a United Nations peacekeeping force led by China and the United States arrived to prevent the city and surrounding countryside from sliding further into chaos.

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