Out of Desperation, San Madoran Government Unilaterally Legalizes Drug Production, Distribution, and Use

Posted in response to: San Madora Stabilization Force Moves to Enforce Cease-Fire Between Warring Cartels

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In a surprise move, the San Madoran government announces that they are legalizing all forms of drugs, drug production, and drug distribution.  In a late-announced press-release the populist San Madoran President stated “Our own San Madoran people are suffering because a foreign power cannot control their own people’s desire and use of addictive substances.  By legalizing the production and distribution of drugs in our country we anticipate that the unwelcome conflict and suffering will move off of our soil.  We will tax the production and distribution to subsidize any drug treatment needed by San Madoran citizens, and to help rebuild our country.  No longer will we allow our citizens to suffer at the will of a foreign power.  The war on drugs is over for San Madorans.  From now on we fight only for our own prosperity and well-being, not for the prosperity and well-being of a foreign power.”

Immediately following the announcement, the San Madoran Defense Minister communicated to his counterpart that all foreign forces would need to be off San Madoran soil within one week.  A government spokesman also indicated that the San Madoran government was entering into talks with neighboring countries to the South to also legalize drugs and drug production within their respective borders.

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San Madora Stabilization Force Moves to Enforce Cease-Fire Between Warring Cartels
With the San Madoran government unable to control fighting between the Lopez and Galindo Cartels, a US-led coalition looks to work with international partners to bring stability to the region.

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