How would we counter an assault without destroying the country we are trying to protect?

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Any kind of major combat operation against a determined and modernized military is going to create a ton of collateral damage. How do we limit civilian casualties while pushing back an advanced enemy? This isn’t a new problem, of course, but it is one we haven’t had to deal with in a long time.


  • Paumanok 3 years ago:

    State on state warfare is unthinkable, therefore, we would have to create a variable in their homeland that causes them to lose their spirit and rush back home to protect against a worse and perhaps an imaginary enemy. Invest in psyops. A greater budget for psychological warfare.

  • iamdan 3 years ago:

    Is Economic Warfare the Theme for 2015?

    Depending on the affluence of the aggressor, economic pressure could bring about the desired end state. If the enemy combatants mostly live in mud huts…not so much.

  • Kornguth 3 years ago:

    From the scenario it appears that the Taebong forces are coming from the east (US and allied force moving west) and that the conflict zone in the east is mountainous and swampy. This should present a problem for armored vehicle movement from Taebong and increase vulnerability of adversary to HE weapons as they are bogged down. The loss of electronic comm systems on the part of both allies and adversaries requires high resolution imaging from very remote standoff (satellite). The development of anti satellite weapons by Taebong would require appropriate countermeasure. Little information is provided re vulnerabilities of Taebong PR to attack and destabilization including land force insertion. Lessons learned Korea

  • pblase 3 years ago:

    The key to countering such as assault would be twofold:
    1) destroy as much of the Taebong forces off-shore as possible.
    2) use precision weapons to take out forces as far from locals as possible.

    Personally, I’d have the U.S. do those jobs and leave the on-shore work purely to the Silla forces.


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Day 3 of Taebong Invasion of Silla
US Joint Forces help defend longtime ally Silla in defense of the homeland as neighboring Taebong invades by land and air

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