Flood conditions could exascerbate a biological or poison attack

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Local gangs or insurgents could capitalize on the chaos and unsanitary conditions of the flood to release a biological or poison attack freely in the flood water. It would be next to impossible for non-shielded civilians wading around it the water to avoid. If the wrong person has the wrong big idea, something as bad or worse than the cholera mentioned in the story could outpace it in death toll.


  • Paumanok 3 years ago:

    Create a cell phone app that warns of flooding. Have everyone fill their tubs with as much fresh water as possible and protect the water from the rising tides. Fresh water will be more important after the flood stops.


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UN Assisting Flood-Ravaged Setuba
As torrential rains continued to pour onto the already-flooded streets of this West African megacity, advance elements of a United Nations peacekeeping force led by China and the United States arrived to prevent the city and surrounding countryside from sliding further into chaos.

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