Expressing Their Intent to Stabilze the Situation, Chinese Forces Take Over Government Buildings and Strategically Important Mining Facility

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In the early morning hours, in an unannounced and uncoordinated move with the rest of the UN Peacekeeping forces, elements of the Chinese forces occupied key government buildings, a telecommunications hub, and a strategically important tantalum mining operation just outside the city.  The Chinese government stated in a simultaneously released announcement that “the welfare of the Setuban people cannot wait any longer for the UN to decide by committee what their fate will be.  The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) stands with Setubans to bring peace and prosperity back to Setuba, however long it takes.”  All communications between the PLA forces on the ground in Setuba and the UN Peacekeeping headquarters have been cut off.

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UN Assisting Flood-Ravaged Setuba
As torrential rains continued to pour onto the already-flooded streets of this West African megacity, advance elements of a United Nations peacekeeping force led by China and the United States arrived to prevent the city and surrounding countryside from sliding further into chaos.

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