Are we prepared to fight a war in the event an EMP is used on the battlefield?

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In the event that an EMP is used on the battlefield, it would seem that both sides would have to be able to fight without all of the conveniences of modern technology.  Drones, combat robots, computers, radios, etc would all most likely be negatively impacted by such an event.  Are we prepared to fight under these conditions? Or is our technology being developed today geared towards surviving such an attack?


  • Paumanok 3 years ago:

    Yes, all mission critical systems in the United States military are manufactured to withstand the affects of EMP. All the electronic components, the wire and cable, the gasketing is all hardened just exactly for that purpose in avionics, communications, fire and control, and propulsion.

  • anthropomimetic2 3 years ago:

    I hope/assume that our soldiers in all branches also train to be able to fight with electronics down, and I hope/assume that they always will. Surely, they still carry analog compasses in the event that a GPS goes down. Maintaining proficiency with the analog version of everything seems of paramount importance in a future with EMPs.

  • Topologist 3 years ago:

    Many of the new concepts for weapons to fight in 2025 and beyond are “net centric” and assume a fully integrated and distributed cyber space for sharing situational awareness, strategic and tactical planning, and even “friend or foe” distinction. These concepts will have to be hardened against EMP, or the entire battleplan using these weapons might collapse. I am not convinced that the Army has plans to fall back to non-technical-based C3I. This will have to be considered as an essential part of the future Army operational concept.

  • nmk 3 years ago:

    Consider the cognitive effects of enhancement technologies. After use of devices that assist with signal detection/amplification, sentries may become less capable of working without the technology. Even if other equipment is operational, mental processes may be impacted as we rely more and more heavily on assistive goggles, binoculars, etc., and move toward implantable chips/other.


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