Ambushes on rescue crews will be hard to preemptively detect

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With rescue efforts being mustered at the fastest pace possible all over the city, gang and insurgent ambushes on rescue workers will be unavoidable.

With gang members and insurgents looking just like true victims in search of help from far away, detecting an ambush in a timely manor and before it happens will be difficult.

Ambushes can’t grind rescue efforts to a halt, but rescuers need to be alive and functional in order to rescue anyone. If a networked database of dangerous areas and advanced surveillance/imaging systems do not prove to be adequate countermeasures, the safety of rescuers could be in serious jeopardy.


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UN Assisting Flood-Ravaged Setuba
As torrential rains continued to pour onto the already-flooded streets of this West African megacity, advance elements of a United Nations peacekeeping force led by China and the United States arrived to prevent the city and surrounding countryside from sliding further into chaos.

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