Battlespace – How To Play

How to play: Imaginarium | Battlespace | Workshop

The Battlespace has multiple Scenarios that are presented like news stories of the future. The object of the Battlespace is for players to tease out the challenges that will be faced — both by military and civilian alike — in these different scenarios. The goal is to try and identify issues that might not immediately come to mind given the circumstances.

These Scenarios will revolve around emerging story lines of the US military being confronted with issues like insurgents, natural disasters, outbreaks, etc.

Battlespace Main Page:

  • Lists the active Scenarios with minimal headlines.
  • Top-rated Player-sbumitted Challenges are displayed below.
  • When the player clicks on a Scenario, they are taken to that Scenario’s individual page.



Scenario Page:

  • Here, players will see the full text of the scenario.
  • On the right is a list of all player-submitted Challenges that the soldiers and civilians dealing with that scenario might face. You can click on any Challenge to go to its page to review it, comment on it, and upvote it if you think that user has made a good point.
  • The Scenario Page also has an “Add New Challenge” button on it. This link takes you to the Challenge Authoring Page where you can submit a Challenge of your own.



Challenge Page:

  • Much like a Spark in the Imaginarium, a Challenge Page shows an optional image and description of the Challenge. The description of the challenge can be as long or short as you want, but well-thought and detailed Challenges are more likely to incite thoughtful discussion.
  • The “Important Button” is the means of upvoting a Challenge. Upvote Challenges that you feel are well-reasoned, legitimate, pragmatic, etc. The number of upvotes influence the standing of the Challenge on the Battlespace Main Page Top Rated Challenges listing.
  • The Scenario that the Challenge is responding to is listed on the right as a simple way to quickly and easily remind the reader what the Challenge is relating to.
  • Related Challenges are also responses to the same Scenario
  • Comments on the Challenge are encouraged and rewarded with points.

How to play: Imaginarium | Battlespace | Workshop